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Sterling & Sterling is an indigenous investment and advisory company with extensive experience in:

  • Establishing an integral role in bridging the gap between investors and clients by providing professional guidance on what projects investors should fund.
  • Originating, structuring and advising on projects and investments
  • Managing funds and warehousing investments with demonstrated growth & value proposition/preservation.
Executing large scale projects over different industries and sectors.
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Investment Consulting

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We consult in high profile investment opportunities on behalf of the world’s leading and prominent investors across the globe. Most of our investors are interested in projects inclusive of:

Our Process

Perspective Enhancement

Behavioural, organisational and cultural challenges frequently require adoption of broader or alternative perspectives. Without this more expansive ‘world-view’, the risk of technical rather than adaptive solutions being applied is significant, with the result that familiar challenges will re-surface.

Our Process

Awareness Building

Having embraced a broader or alternative perspective, clients generally benefit from reflecting on their own attitudes, behaviours and relationships within the new, broadened context. This is often where they experience moments of insight, explore and question habitual behaviours and establish a framework for personal change.

Our Process

Reflective Experimentation

Nothing is achieved unless actual changes in behavior take place. Reflective experimentation involves trialing new behaviours in a manner that is “safe to fail”. Where risks can be taken without serious negative consequences. This is a critical phase as the client is encouraged to leaves her/his comfort zone and embrace the new or less familiar. Much support and encouragement is necessary in this phase as it can be unsettling.

Our Process

Business Impact

In the end, it is all about performance. The change process is about impacting business results and the coaching process is designed to achieve just that. Frequently, this is achieved alongside a far greater sense of personal achievement.

Business Development Consulting

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We have a team of experts that enable clients to obtain the necessary information and business tools paramount to creating financial growth. Our experts are able to assist in:

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