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Welcome to Sterling & Sterling

Sterling & Sterling is an indigenous investment and advisory company with extensive experience in:
  • Establishing an integral role in bridging the gap between investors and clients by providing professional guidance on what projects investors should fund.
  • Originating, structuring and advising on projects and investments.
  • Managing funds and warehousing investments with demonstrated growth & value proposition/preservation.
We are made up of professionals who have both investment consulting and practical industry experiences in Commodities, Social Housing, Infrastructure, and Properties. We have executed large scale projects over different industries and sectors. This practical industry background combined with many years of investment consulting, venture capital and entrepreneurial experiences both in the U.K and West Africa which places our businesses in an exclusive and formidable disposition.
Our Process

Areas of Interest

Key Industries

Our Process

Perspective Enhancement

We do our best to instigate an expansive world-view with all our clients. Without this, the risk of technical rather than adaptive solutions being applied is significant, with the unwanted result that familiar challenges will re-surface.

Our Process

Awareness Building & Scope

Having embraced a broader perspective, we often experience what clients call “moments of insight”, and we explore and question everything in order to get a real scope and effective strategy for all the moves our clients want to make.

Our Process

Reflective Experimentation

Through our extensive research & wealth of experience working with high-level clients, we have realized nothing is achieved until an action occurs. Reflective experimentation involves trialing new behaviors in a manner that is safe to fail, but sure to succeed.

Our Process

Impact & Implementation

At the end of the day, it is all about results, performance & profit for our clients. We make sure that at this final stage of consultancy, our clients have seen the risks, the potential upside, the opportunities and the benefits.

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Business Development Consulting

We have a team of experts that enable clients to obtain the necessary information and business tools paramount to creating financial growth. Our experts are able to assist in a number of key offerings.
Our clients and investment companies benefit immensely from the in-house expertise of Sterling & Sterling: leveraging off our team’s entrepreneurial, dynamic and extensive industry experience to add significant value. We believe that the success of our investment depends on, inter alia , the technical or additional practical (quantifiable) value our team contributes, which solidifies, confirms and extends the relationship beyond a merely financial or advisory one to one where the investment or client depends extensively on all of our broad expertise to create, unlock and preserve value.
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